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Maybe You’re Too Selfish

This month my wife and I will celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary. In thinking through various events of the past 18 years, I’ve made an interesting discovery. Every single time that we’ve had conflict in our marriage, it was due to someone being selfish. And by someone, I mean me. I’m not going to say that …

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Out-Serve Your Wife

Pastor, craftsman, beekeeper, and all-around Renaissance man Tony McCollum once said that the goal of marriage is to out-serve your spouse. This statement radically changed how I thought about my marriage (so much so that I now see I’ve mentioned it before). I’d always wanted my wife to be happy, and I assumed her happiness would …

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The Secret to Staying Married for 60 Years

Last Spring I wrote a series of posts on what it means to keep our wedding vows. I thought that reminding ourselves of what we agreed to in the first place might be a good way to strengthen our marriages. After all, most marriages start strong as a commitment made from an overflow of love that …

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Quick Update After a Long Absence

Short version of a quick update: I haven’t written because Summer 2016 lasted until February 2017. My wife and I will be leading a Marriage Enrichment small group at our church alongside our dear friends the Bucklands. Long version of a quick update: It’s been almost 8 months (!) since my last post, and I …

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The Myth of the Right (or Wrong) Person

My wife and I met when we were pretty young. I was 18 and almost finished with my first quarter in college. She was just over a month away from turning 16 and a sophomore in high school. A friend of mine who was still in high school threw a party for the cast of …

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Celebrating 17 Years

My wife and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary this past Sunday (it’s not too late to send a gift!). Last year we spent a wonderful weekend hanging out in Atlanta, visiting the Georgia Aquarium, staying on the fifty-somethingth floor of the Westin downtown, and eating at The Sun Dial restaurant on the seventy-first floor with …

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We Were Just Talking About This

Guys, I was on vacation last week, and I’m still catching up on real life. So for today’s post I wanted to point out that last week’s episode of The Familyman Show fits perfectly with what we were just talking about here. The episode features an eye-opening interview with Sam Black, a representative from CovenantEyes, the …

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A Terrible Poison in Your Marriage

I’ve been struggling to write this post for over a week. There are several drafts, all incomplete. I don’t like talking/writing/thinking about this stuff. But it needs to be done. So here goes. Porn is poison. Prolonged exposure to porn effectively rewires the brain to actually dehumanize living, breathing, daughters of the King. That is awful. …

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In Sickness and in Health

Dig, if you will, the picture: everyone in the family just feeling run­down and mildly miserable, nobody in real pain or even discomfort, just sniffling and coughing and funky. We’ve been sick these past two weeks. My wife held out the longest, but she finally succumbed as well. We’re actually still not fully recovered, which …

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And the Two Shall Become One

No original post today, as I’ve been sick and today’s my oldest son’s birthday. In lieu of a post by yours truly, please enjoy this excellent article written a couple of weeks ago by my friend, Angela, on her blog, Adventures in Buckland. And the Two Shall Become One I’ll be back on Wednesday!

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