Celebrating 17 Years

My wife and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary this past Sunday (it’s not too late to send a gift!). Last year we spent a wonderful weekend hanging out in Atlanta, visiting the Georgia Aquarium, staying on the fifty-somethingth floor of the Westin downtown, and eating at The Sun Dial restaurant on the seventy-first floor with a panoramic view of Atlanta and the surrounding area stretching out for dozens of miles. This year we bought a lawn mower.


Okay, it’s not quite that bad. We did buy a lawn mower, but we also ate at a delightful (read: quiet) restaurant in downtown Athens and enjoyed a delightful (also quiet) conversation. She got me a great book I’ve been wanting, and I got her some fun coffee stuff from her wish list.

Some Years You Do Less, Some Years You Do Mower

Not every year is going to be a huge event. Our first child was born less than a month before our 3rd anniversary, when we were still in “new-parent-panic” mode. My mom had been with us for the first few weeks with the baby and had only gone back home a few days earlier. If I recall, our anniversary celebration that year consisted of crying and wondering if we’d ever figure out what we were doing as parents. Memorable, but you know, not our favorite memory.

We have had some great anniversaries, though, like last year’s that I mentioned earlier and the time we went to Biltmore Estate for the weekend. We’ve done expensive weekends, inexpensive weekends, and just gone out to dinner for an hour or so. I’ve never forgotten an anniversary, although after 17 years I don’t remember what we did for some of them.

In Celebration of Commitment

I do think it’s important to do something, though. This is a day we set aside to celebrate and have some fun in acknowledgement of the fact that we have vowed to always stay together! It’s a reminder that we have committed to something very important and that we are achieving what we’ve committed to do. Especially for those men who struggle with commitment, each anniversary is a significant achievement, and it should be celebrated.

So, men, don’t forget your anniversary. Have some fun! Even if you’re low on money, get a friend or relative to watch the kids and just go to a park for a picnic or even just a walk together. Do something to show your wife you love her and you’re still committed.


If your anniversary is coming up soon, your homework is in the previous sentence. If it’s not for a while, you can still start planning something amazing for your next anniversary. What’s the best anniversary you’ve ever had? Let me know in the comments.

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