My Marriage Needs Help Now!

My goal with this site is primarily to encourage dads to build strong marriages, but if you came here because your marriage is currently in serious trouble, you want advice that you can use immediately. In that case, I would highly recommend visiting a qualified marriage counselor, with your spouse if she agrees to, but by yourself even if she doesn’t.

If you’re a Christian, your pastor or church staff will very likely be able to recommend a counselor who can give you guidance that aligns with your faith, or you can run a search of the Christian Counselors Network on the American Association of Christian Counselors website.

You can also get information about Intensive Marriage Counseling programs from the National Institute of Marriage on their website.

Even if you’re not a Christian, you could call a local church and ask who they’d recommend, as they tend to deal with these issues a lot. You could also find a local member of theĀ American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy with their Therapist Locator tool.

Whatever option you choose, please do seek help. In a crisis, the future can look bleak and uncertain. Research has shown, though, that most couples who are the least happy will be thriving again within 5 years, as long as they stay committed to each other (see The Good News About Marriage, chapter 3).

Remember the vast majority of marriages succeed, and yours can, too!