Quick Update After a Long Absence

Short version of a quick update:

I haven’t written because Summer 2016 lasted until February 2017.

My wife and I will be leading a Marriage Enrichment small group at our church alongside our dear friends the Bucklands.

Long version of a quick update:

It’s been almost 8 months (!) since my last post, and I thought you should know why that is.

My job explodes in the summer months with major projects and high-pressure deadlines. Usually the craziness lasts from early June until maybe mid-September. This past summer… well, the craziness is just now winding down from this past summer.

I invented the word “swampted” this year to convey the feeling of being more overwhelmed than I believed was conveyed by the more common “swamped.” (Actually it was just a typo at first, but I decided it was appropriate to make it into its own word.)

The only real pause we’ve had in the craziness of summer has been the craziness of the holidays, which were welcome and joyous but not exactly conducive to blogging.

As I say, the craziness appears to be winding down some, and, with that in mind, my wife and I have agreed to co-lead a Marriage Enrichment small group at our church with our friends the Bucklands.

I’m hopeful that the coincidence of work winding down (some) and the marriage group starting up will allow some time and inspiration for marriage blogging.

I won’t be sharing the specifics of anyone else’s lives, of course, but I do expect to be able to write generally about issues married couples face and offer ways to work through those issues. You know, exactly what this blog is all about.

Thanks for sticking with me!

Talk to you soon,


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